The Lift and Go Case for your MacBook

LIFT was moved through the design of Apple Macbook. The engineers and designers who are at the ZENLET proudly state that they are influenced through the purity of Zen philosophy to build their humble and extremely effective products. Really one should look at their innovative LIFT MacBook Pro Case in order to see how elegantly they blend stylishness with functionality.


The LIFT is really neither the carry case nor it is the computer stand however works as the both of these functions and lot more. While closed, the thin aluminum frame style offers an extensive grip for carrying the MacBook around, and then the personalizing detachable sleeves offer protection. Once opened, one half slides back through the monitor as well as drops to hold the computer by one of three possible typing positions. This spontaneous angling too delivers clear airflow beneath to maintain overheating damage also at the time of high-performance usage. Moreover, you will even have the sliding cover to guard the ports from the coverage to dust or water.


This Lift case is now currently been designed for 13″ as well as the 15″ MacBook styles, ZENLET is now increasing to fit all the styles of MacBooks as they progress in the future. Folks who work at MacBook for extensive periods of time could merely slide the top handgrip of the LIFT then open the MacBook – LIFT would convert your MacBook into the very much comfortable workstation at no time. LIFT offers the entire angle protection for your MacBook, comprising the ports.


Further it moreover takes only a little second to change the cover that matches the look of the day. Through LIFT you are at all times set to go. Protect your MacBook and appears as the natural extension in the same time. This is actually the interactive way of interacting with the MacBook at the daily basis. The lift case for the MacBook ranges about $119.

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