Gryphon WiFi Router- Simple Designed To Have Your Family Safe

This is not the first router to provide parental controls, however, the Gryphon WiFi Route is one among the best first designed router having that as the goal in its mind. Gryphon is the elegant, super-fast WiFi router by a modest smartphone app to have your children and connected devices very much safe online.

Estimation says that at an average family have 10 Internet connected devices as well as counting, making different safety threats plus vulnerabilities. What is poorer, web contents that are unfiltered is on the growth. Above 70% of children see this unsuitable content by way of accident. Gryphon chains the high-performance WiFi router by an easy to access smartphone app, creation it simple for parents as well as families in order to manage the connected home. The whole security features are assembled straight inside the router itself; therefore there is no intricate software to install on the connected gadgets.


Designed by the folks behindhand the MiFi portable hotspot, it links to the app which allows you effortlessly fix screen time limits, pause access overall, view the browsing history, mark a safe list of sites that are approved , and also accept fresh requests at real-time. Gryphon offers the parents peace of mind since their kids discover the internet a lot more in these modern days. These Software updates in addition to the parental control are comprised free of charge always. You will not find any monthly otherwise annual charges for the Gryphon updates or else parental control.


A router having multiple bands could connect your device to smallest jam-packed frequency and or channel to get the best out of signal efficacy. Further as not any of these features are some good except you really need to use them; it holds the powerful tri-band system through beam creating and MU-MIMO technology, mesh interacting for cool expansion, as well as an exclusive curved design which sets the antennas for best performance. It is actually a revolutionary approach to online safety.

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