Lighthouse 250 Lantern from Goal Zero

All you explorers, adventure lovers, mountaineers and trekkers out there should definitely have this exciting product we are going to discuss about here. Are you still looking for a product that will help you camp at night at ease? Lighthouse 250 Lantern from Goal Zero is a perfect item for you and it is one of the best gift items you can ever give for your lovely friend who loves adventure. This particular lantern is perfect for lighting up your night and helps you enjoy the wilderness. 250 lumens power range will offer you the best power you are looking for and it also gives 360 degree adjustable brightness.

lighthouseBright LED light emitted from Goal Zero lighthouse is perfect for outdoors and the fact that you can adjust the brightness, provides greater flexibility. With full charge, Lighthouse 250 runs for about 48 hours. If you are using full brightness continuously then you can expect the light to last for around 3 hours. There are three charging options available for the user. You can use Nomad 7 solar panel to charge the device and it will take about 14 hours to fully charge your lantern. You can also charge it using USB port and all you need to do is simply connect it to a USB power source. For those who are in no man’s land, you can make use of hand crank to charge up your lantern. A single minute of cranking will give you a running time of 10 minutes.

Lighthouse 250 Lantern weighs just about 1.1 lbs, so you can easily carry the device with you for your next adventure trip. Considering all the different lightning products that are available in the market, Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 lantern is the best you can find.

Buy Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 lantern from the Goal Zero store for just $69.99. Nomad 7 solar panel is available for a price of $79.99. Get the ones you need and enjoy your next adventure trip. Both these products have very good customer reviews.

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