Karma Go – Stay Secure and Connected on the Move

Are you a frequent traveler? Then this product should be a dream come true for you! The world is not going to look good in your eyes if you are not able to access the internet freely. This particular product will give you excellent Wi-Fi network anywhere you go. The internet connection is secure, super fast and super reliable. There is no point in trying all those internet delivering services that create frustration. Stop worrying and start surfing on the move with Karma Go. If your friend or a loved one is a frequent traveler and you are planning on gifting something special on their special day then you should give this product a serious thought for sure.

Karma Go has introduced a new plan wherein you will be able to enjoy much higher internet speeds at very low price.karma-go The bills that you receive are going to be less but the Wi-Fi network is going to be exciting. All those who subscribe for a pulse or refuel plan are entitled to receive a $50 off on Karma Go as well and this particular offer does not last long. Pulse 25 plans gives you double data plan which can be used right through the year.

Karma Go also provides the ability to earn rewards in the form of cash which can be used for surfing more data. Karma Go Wi-Fi can be shared with people near you and this lets you earn rewards. The person with whom you share your Wi-Fi will only make use of their own data and never yours. When they connect to the internet using your Karma Go in a secure fashion, you will earn rewards automatically.

Wi-Fi payment plans offered by Karma Go include monthly subscription and pay as you go feature. You can subscribe for the plan that you feel comfortable with. Karma Go application is available both in Android and iOS platforms and using this application the user will be able to control and manage their data account. It has an extensive coverage all over the US and it would be the first item you pack as soon as you schedule your travel. There are no contracts and hidden charges involved in Karma Go, and at one instance you can connect 8 devices online and LTE speeds start from 6 Mbps and may go up to 25 Mbps.

Get Karma Go today @ Karma Mobility Inc store for just $149. You can choose the plan that you like and buy the product, which will be delivered at your doorstep for free.

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