The Hurricane from SoundHound is ready to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home


It’s been just two years, that the e-commerce giant Amazon back in 2014 announced its Bluetooth speaker cum multimedia device called as the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo comes with the company’s own virtual digital assistant – Alexa, which the company has been constantly improved it, making it more smarter to handle multiple and diversified user queries.

Today, the Amazon Echo is one of the most sought after devices and offers smart home control possibilities. Earlier this year, the company also went out announcing the smaller siblings of Amazon Echo the Echo Dot and the Echo Tap, both being competitively priced and the latter being a wireless potable device. In addition to amazon, Google too has joined the same league by announcing its Google Home with “Google Now” virtual assistant and has been set for pre-order earlier this month.

To heat the competition further, SoundHound has arrived with a similar gadget called as “The Hurricane”. Last year in 2015, with its first entry into the virtual assistant market, the company launched its Hound App that uses the Hound virtual assistant that is much similar to Google Now and Siri. Ever since its inception, the company has been continuously working to being several improvements to the app and make it a lot smarter. The Hound App is now all set to arrive on the Android and iOS platforms as well make its way into the market with The Hurricane speaker.

the speaker for the Hurricane is made by Boombotix. Both SoundHound and Boombotix are putting a rather strong emphasis for listening to music in addition to implementing the Hound assistance in it. Just like the Amazan Echo, the Hurricane will offer a Wi-Fi through connectivity with your internet while you can stream music directly from your device to the speaker through Bluetooth. The Hurricane comes with built-in full-range drives that includes a 10-watt 4-inch sub-woofer, 5-watt 2-inch mid-range speaker, and a 3 watt 33 millimeter tweeters. In addition to this, you also have a echo cancelling mic so that the Hound virtual assistant can listen clearly to your instructions and requests.

You can grab your own Hurricane by backing the project on KickStarter for a price of $199. The device roll-out is expected later this year in December.

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