Mophie iPhone 7 Magnetic Case

We know that most of you would have seen, purchased or are waiting for your favorite iPhone 7 to be delivered. Now, it is the best time for you to purchase an iPhone 7 case. Mophie is a brand known for offering different varieties of smartphone cases and the new iPhone 7 magnetic case from the brand is certainly something you shouldn’t miss. Mophie has named it Hold Force and this case will transform your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus into something really special. The case is available in different formats and its magnetic ability enables you to attach your phone securely to any accessory.

Hold Force power station plus mini is one of the accessories that offer you additional 12 hours of battery life, which will reduce the need for charging when you are busy working or watching your favorite video on phone. Hold Force wallet is another accessory and its name clearly signifies its purpose. Hold Force folio is another accessory which will let you watch all your favorite videos at your convenience.

Base case is magnetic and this lets you attach different types of magnetic accessories with it and use it in the way you need. Mophie is going to come up with more magnetic accessories for your comfort so buy this product and transform your iPhone 7 and 7 plus into an all purpose device. Base cases for iPhone 7 and 7 plus come in 10 different colors so you can buy the one you like the most. The base cases are ultra thin and the magnetic plates are hidden at the back, so it looks just like any other phone case but with more features. Base cases will cost you just $39.95.

Hold Force power station plus mini is an ultra slim product that easily attaches to the base case and this power station comes with a built in switch tip cable, which is quite effective in charging your iPhone. Hold Force folio comes with credit card holders and is a perfect accessory for those who love shopping. Magnetic wallet is also a perfect buy. The product is a multi-purpose, super reliable, crystal clear and ultra thin accessory. Buy it for your iPhone 7 or gift it to someone you know.

Buy Mophie iPhone 7 magnetic case from the official website of Mophie. As mentioned before, the base case will cost you $39.95. Hold Force accessories such as power station plus mini can be purchased for $39.95, folio for $9.95 and wallet for $9.95.

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