Establish Internet Filtering and Parental Control using Circle with Disney

Are you still worrying about monitoring your kids’ online activities? We can understand the problem you are facing. This product from Circle will let you overcome all these problems. Using Circle with Disney parents can manage time and content across devices used by their kids at home. Whenever we buy a new smartphone or laptop or any other tech gadgets, we often worry about our kids getting overboard. This product will help you keep your kids at check. It is practically impossible to control and manage your kids’ internet activities. Using this product, there is no need for you to lecture or yell or ask your kid to refrain from doing certain things online, because the device they use will be in your control.

circle-with-disneyCircle is a device that will connect with your home Wi-Fi and lets you manage all the devices that are connected to the network. There is absolutely no need for incorporating any software on your router or any other device. Circle does the job for you and managing website content and screen has never been so simple and effective. Circle allows parents to set a time limit on a particular website or application and this lets the kids use that particular site or app only for a certain period of time for the whole day.

Age appropriate filters and time filters will help you keep everything at check and the specialty of this product is that it applies the same across all kinds of devices that are used on the network. Establishing internet filtration and control is definitely important because kids may not be aware of the adverse impact surfing creates and most kids get lured by it so much that they do not understand where they are or what they are doing!

Circle also lets parents set bedtimes and this will make the kid go to bed on time. Even a pause button for internet connection is available, which will be perfect for every parent. Your kid will play outdoors more than usual when you have this device to limit their online activities. Setup procedure is so simple that it takes just 5 minutes for anybody. Parents can set controls, filters and even manage setting on the Circle right from their smartphone. Circle iPhone application lets you do all the control and filtering techniques.

Circle with Disney is the best home filtering system and this helps families establish parental control and internet filtering in no time. Buy Circle with Disney for just $89 on the official website of Circle. Stay in control and inculcate discipline in your kids!

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