Trini Pepper Sauce-The Ultimate Hot Caribbean Sauce

The Cuisine from the Caribbean is exclusive to the world because of the reason that it holds many cultural influences and that of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago a lot so for that cause of its diverse Indian influence. This influence creates the utmost of the Scotch Bonnet peppers which grows greater in the enriched soil of Islands. They work as the base of numerous household recipes for “pepper sauce” here. The hot sauce is always called to be the ‘peppa sauce’.

The Trini Pepper Sauce that price about $12 superiorities itself by being 100% genuine as well as true for the recipe of its creator Mustafa Mannan’s grandmother. The each and every Scotch Bonnet peppers that is been used are handpicked at the Islands and dispatched rapidly to the Raleigh, in North Carolina to be amalgamated by way of Trinidad cilantro, vinegar, garlic, mustard and papaya by means of just merely the finishing touch of that of Scorpion peppers to fashion this elite taste.


The scotch bonnet peppers offer the sauce the glowing yellow color. The end result is the unique tasting; extremely tangy sauce which is so different and natural you could smell all the ingredients. This Trini Pepper Sauce is really an excellent balance of flavor and heat. By 100,000 to 350,000 at the Scoville scale (for the jalapeños are simply 2,000 till 8,000), the Trini Pepper Sauce has the hotness and aroma to spice up just nearly whichever recipe you need to enhance.

For further range, this amazing hot sauce will come nearly two heat levels, the Original (hot) one the next is the Hot (even hotter.) It is really the tradition for our grandmother. You have been warned, the gust of matchless flavors and the heat is perfect– enjoy! Honestly, the best sauce ever OMG it is will truly be delicious! When you taste this hot sauce then you claim that these sentences are factual.

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