Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Claims the Fastest Autofocus

Sony has declared the latest version of their RX100 series: the Mark V camera. It upholds the 20MP sensor together with 24-70mm equiv. The F1.8-2.8 lens, however, enhances phase-detection AF to attain the focus speeds that are as fast as 0.05 sec, moreover, a front-end LSI to progress speed of the operation as well as buffering.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V provides the Sony calls “’professional level AF performance” through a new sensor by means of the 315 phase detection AF points above 65% of the camera frame, that claims the world’s fastest autofocus speed at 0.05 seconds. The front end LSI offers the turbo boost for the stunning performance, that permits the sensor to be read as faster as it can also, even more, data to be buffered.


That implies the Mark V at present offers the 24 fps shooting in full 20.1 MP resolutions through autofocus as well as auto exposure for nearly to 150 frames for the JPEG+Raw. That is stills shooting at the movie frame rates and folks. Eye AF is too available in AF-C mode.

There is also an improvement in the Mark V’s video. It makes UHD 4K by a 5028 x 2828 pixel region. This says that it oversamples through 1.3x at all the dimension (1.7x overall), to deliver sharply detailed 4K footage. The quicker sensor readout cheer to the LSI as well means fewer rolling shutter at 4K video in addition to electronic stills, inching this camera forever nearer to the global shutter ultimate.


The camera preserves the capability to practice its phase detection AF at the time of video shooting, but then again no touchscreen strictly decreases usability. 960 fps then all further slow motion modes are currently available by twice the recording time of the RX100 IV – that is to about 8 seconds of 40x slow motion at 960 fps. S-Log2/S-Gamut, as well as Picture Profiles, is moreover offered to videographers, as is 1080/120p.

As expected by the users Wi-Fi is also available, with the extra benefits of being able to read QR codes to help create wireless connection while NFC is not the option. Further, a fresh underwater case is also offered, companionable through the complete RX100 series then creating it likely to routine the camera for up to 40m submerged. The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 camera is will be available for the month of October and it is said to price about $1000/€1200.

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