Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder

All you pet lovers out there, we are sure that this product is going to give you the comfort and happiness even when you are away from your pets. Most of us love pets but do not keep them mainly because of the busy schedule but with this product, there is nothing to worry about anymore. Pet owners can set automatic feeding schedules and this will let the pet owner to feed from a remote location. If you are a business person who travels a lot, then you no longer have to leave your pet hungry anymore. The only basic prerequisite for using Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder is that you would need an iOS or Android smartphone.

petnet-smartfeederPetnet is the smartest way to feed your pets and there is no doubt in that mainly because of the sophistication and comfort that this device offers you and your pets. Smart feeders allow you to manage feeding times of your pet. This device not only offers you the ability to stay calm and relaxed when you are away from home, but also lets you provide a peace of mind for your pets. Smart feeding also ensures long life and health for your pet. Every single pet is different and this device lets you feed smarter and healthier. The kind of food that you provide to your pet will prove vital because only that will make them healthy and happy. Petnet smart feeder will help you find the best food that does not contain any kind of harmful ingredients that could affect your pet.

Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder is fully automatic and it does not require any major inputs when it comes to portion size, because the feeder measures the feed entirely based on the age, weight and activity level of the pet. This ensures complete energy for your pet every single time he or she gets fed. The feeder has a dispense range of about 1/16 to 1½ cups. The hopper that comes with the feeder has a storage capacity of around 5 to 7 lbs. As mentioned before, Petnet iOS or Android application is required to manage the operations of your smart feeder.

Petnet application can be downloaded from the App Store and it helps the pet owner control the feeding of their pet from their smartphone. It is also possible to manage the portion size and feeding times. You can easily match the ideal food items for your pets. Smart feeder comes with a built in rechargeable battery and the USB cable and AC adapter are chew resistant. The product deals with pets that love to go at things and this reliable product will be the best friend for you and your pet. The product comes with a standard 2 year limited warranty.

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