Garmin Fenix 3 HR GPS Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Are you one of those guys who have a keen interest in smart watches and loves technology that is wearable? Then you should definitely buy Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS heart rate monitor watch! It is really hard to find a smart watch that looks stylish and also provides all the technology information that we need; but this particular watch from Garmin is fun, exciting and it packs a punch. Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS Heart Rate monitor watch is the best gift you could give to your fitness freaky friend or dad or boyfriend.

This wearable technology watch comes with some of exciting features such as GPS, heart rate monitoring, fitness training features, outdoor features and even provides you with the ability to make IQ connectivity. Smart notifications are also provided by this watch, which makes it one of the best smart fitness watches. Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS has a rugged design and it is well suited to tackle all kinds of rough situations. Different types of weather conditions and surroundings will have no effect on your gadget.

GPS or GLONASS satellite reception that is built in on this watch provides much more environment information than any other typical GPS tracker. Heart rate is monitored using Elevate wrist heart rate technology and this measures the wearer’s heart rate at the wrist. If you are looking for fitness specific features, then you will be able to enjoy features such as advanced running dynamics, vertical oscillation, vertical ratio, VO2 max, recovery advisor, cadence, balance, ground contact time, stride length, stress score, and many more. Outdoor navigation features of Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS watch include altimeter, 3 axis compass, barometer, and it even comes with a Track Back feature. The watch comes with a super strong sapphire domed lens which is easy to read and is best suited for rugged conditions.

Garmin fenix 3 also lets users access Connect IQ and using this particular feature, the user will be able to customize watch faces, incorporate data fields, and also provides the ability to download applications and widgets. All of these make this watch one of the most exciting and definitely worth buying.

Buy Garmin fenix 3 HR GPS heart rate monitor watch for just $599.99 from the official website of Garmin. The product comes with free US ground shipping and it will be delivered to you within a span of around 3 business days.

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