All you need to know about Google’s new home assistant – Google Home

Few months back, the Mountain View based search giant Google had announced its own Amazon Echo competitor the Google Home, a speaker and voice controlled home assistant. Well, in nutshell the Google Home comes baked with the company’s own voice assistant “Ok Google” that performs multiple talks just on your voice request and lets you talk/control multiple device across the home that are connected with the Google Chrome.

With beautiful and aesthetic design just like the shape of a candle, your Google Home will complement with most of your home furnishings. The Google Home also acts like your on-the-go speaker and can play songs directly from your playlists through Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, Tuneln, iHeartRADIO and Google Play  music. With Chromecast synchronised, you can also ask Google Home to stream your favourite Netflix channel. You can even ask for the song you want to play instantly and in case you don’t remember the name of the song, you can even try your luck by asking the name of the movie.

You can even throw random questions to Google Home for instant calculations, knowing the time of any country, knowing the latest news and other endless things which you try and have fun. Just say “Ok Google” to activate Google Home followed by your question. You can even set alarms, calendar schedules and do multiple other things at a time.


Certainly a companion for your Home Automation system, you can control all your lights, TVs, ACs, music systems besides many another things with just a voice request to Google Home. For Home Automation, Google Home supports interaction with various other manufacturers like Nest, Samsung, Philips etc. And additional feature name “My Day” will keep a track of all of your tasks for the day. It also provides you with other relevant information for your local place of residing like traffic conditions, weather and much more.


The company is also said to be currently testing for embedding high-quality integrated speakers and other smart listening capabilities in case of multiple Google Home devices in different rooms. In case more than one Google Home devices listen to your command, the one that is more closet to you and hears your command more clearly and with better intensity, will respond.

Google has set it Google Home straight away fro pre-order that comes at a very competitive pricing of just $129 and is certain to give Amazon Echo a run for its money. Additionally, you will also get a 6 months of free subscription for YouTube Red available from November. The device comes with multiple color options like Carbon, Snow, Copper, Mango, Marine, Violet and Graphite ensuring you don’t compromise on your home interior and complements to the best of your furnishings.


Source: Google

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