Rain Machine Touch HD 16 Smart Garden Sprinkler

Do you love your garden? Then you should probably know about several garden sprinklers that are available in the market. Most of the sprinklers that you find in the market are not as effective as the one offered by Rain Machine. This particular company is known for providing some of the best smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers to people. If you are having a gorgeous lawn or garden then you should be able to take care of them and maintain the facility properly. Only a well maintained lawn will look beautiful and attractive, so make sure to get the best sprinkler in the industry.

rainmachine-touchRain Machine Touch HD 16 is one such Wi-Fi irrigation sprinkler controller that enables you to maintain your lawn in the best of its conditions without wasting any water. This sprinkler lets you adjust, control, reduce and pump water based on the environment condition. The sprinkler will analyze the surroundings and hydrate your lawn based on it, hence providing you with a gorgeous lawn all year around. You can save water and money by fitting this sprinkler and become socially responsible.

According to a US research it is found that around 50% of the water used for irrigating lawn and garden is going for waste because of overwatering, which can be prevented completely using Rain Machine Touch HD 16 Smart Garden Sprinkler. This smart sprinkler uses smart real time forecasting which tracks temperature, wind direction and rainfall. Watering efficiency is found to be enhanced greatly with the help of this technology and it is also found to reduce water waste.

The 6.5 inch touch screen is easy to operate and it offers you all the information that you need. NOAA data is used to track weather data based on location. Spatial resolution is forecast for a distance of about 1.5 km. It comes with heat wave protection and freeze control, which is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. The device should be setup indoor only and you can use Android or iOS application as well.

With this modern Wi-Fi sprinkler controller, there is no need for handling all those hard and rusty rotary switches. Using the Android or iOS application you can control your sprinkler from anywhere. The interface is secure and it is easy to operate and manage. The option of snooze lets you freeze the sprinkler for days or weeks or even months depending upon your local climate. This is the perfect modern Wi-Fi smart garden sprinkler you can buy.

Get Rain Machine Touch HD 16 smart garden sprinkler for $269 @ Rain Machine.

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