Oral B 7000 Series Modern Toothbrush

Are you still looking for a solution to your ever long problem of problematic teeth? There is no point in brushing hard or brushing two times a day when you don’t get the best out of it! Everything comes down to proper utility and most of us may not be aware of the problems that we face when brushing. This innovative modern brush from Oral B will give you all the feedback necessary for you to brush properly. This brush gives you real time feedback on your brushing performance and this will help you become a better brusher and never miss a zone.

oral-b-7000Oral B 7000 series modern toothbrush comes loaded with top class features, including the 6 brushing performance modes like daily clean, deep clean, whitening, massage, tongue cleaning, and sensitive. The brush uses a pressure sensor technology, which detects how hard you are brushing and acts upon immediately automatically. Oscillation speed and pulsation would be adjusted accordingly. Information such as brushing modes, areas covered and timing of brushing would be given to the user in real time via wireless smart guide. Oral B is the no.1 toothbrush brand recommended by doctors worldwide and this particular innovative brush will be your perfect companion in fighting plaque.

Oral B 7000 series electric rechargeable toothbrush with Bluetooth comes with different operating modes such as whitening mode, gum care mode, deep clean mode, sensitive mode and tongue clean mode. Just select the mode you would like to operate in and leave it for the brush to do the rest. Everything is handled automatically by this innovative brush. You can use all types of Oral-B replacement brush heads. Oral B app gives you real time information which will help you focus, improve and even motivate on your brushing methods and techniques.

Buy this innovative toothbrush for just $144 @ Amazon.

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