Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display

One of the must have gadgets for all those cyclists and bikers who love riding on their bikes all day long is the Garmin Varia In-sight Display. This gadget is kind of a Google Glass and it offers you in-sight display of all the cycling stats without the need for taking your eyes off the road. Biking is going to be super enjoyable with this particular gadget. It is kind of a heads up display for bikers and you will love this product so much that, you will not get down from your bikes that easily. Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display is a featherweight device and can be attached easily to any of your sunglasses.

varia-visionThe gadget attaches to either side of your sunglass and this gives you great flexibility. Information on what comes ahead of you and behind you will be helpful for cyclists and there is no other better gadget for cyclists in the market right now. Varia rearview radar can be paired with this gadget to give you information on the vehicles that are approaching behind you. Vibration alert system is incorporated in this gadget, which gives information on the radar specifics, performance stats, direction and text or call notifications. The user will be able to make transitions across different screens using the touch panel and this touch panel works even when you are wearing gloves.

Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display is a revolutionary gadget and this product lets you have all the information that you need while cycling right in your line of sight. Road awareness is enhanced to a great extent by this product. Some of the key cycling stats such as your heart rate, speed, power, and road awareness parameters are given to you while on the move. The device also acts as a complete navigation tool providing all the information such as street names, distance to a particular turn, etc. You will get regular reminders or prompts once you complete a lap or arrive at a segment or a particular section and so on.

Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display weighs only 28 grams and this feather light nature of the device makes it one of the easily accessible and wearable products. The display of this gadget is built using ambient light sensors and that will give you great vision even under bright sunlight. The product is weather resistant and it comes with an 8 hour battery life, so wearing it and riding through tough terrain and weather conditions should not be a problem at all.

Buy Garmin Varia Vision In-sight Display for just $399.99 from Garmin.

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