Unique Featuring Sunglasses, the Legacy Eyewear Wood Gorgeous Glasses

It is obvious that the unique people will deserve exclusive products. The legacy eyewear of North Carolina finishes the greatest method to offer that much such quality for to handcraft their sunglasses through the usage of all-natural materials. Functioning from the small boutique shop, they have produced the line of Wooden Sunglasses ($58) which could position their test of time. The usual Wayfarer designing appears prodigious on all faces. They are really enduring. The final finish is through hand distressing so that to enhance an extra touch of style.


Each and every glass could comprise of great eminence polarized lenses that will offer you the 100% UVA or the UVB protection that will come out through the flex hinges. By incident, the frames of the classes are fashioned out of wood so that they will float naturally. In order to create this fresh American culture, the legacy brand has designed the five unique and exclusive styles called after the signers of the Declaration of Independence then crafted by the woods native towards each state these superior men came from.


The Hooper’s are created out with the American Black Walnut that is from the Western North Carolina. Where the Franklins are engraved by means of dense Pennsylvanian Oak. Coming to the Livingston, they are created by the great New York Sugar Maple, in addition, to being recovered from ancient city buildings. The Waltons features attractive Black Cherry wood from that state of Georgia, as well as the Wythe’s hold the stainless steel frame interlocked through Virginia Black Locust. The appearance of the sunglass is such a way that you can wear it proudly!

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