Ultra-light Bottle: The Platypus Meta Bottle with Micro filter Water

Are you in search of a simple, effortlessly cleanable, pump-free method for filtering the water in a home or else on a trail? Then you must require one of this Platypus Meta Bottle together with the Microfilter setups. The bottle holds 1L capacity through the filter which meets all the EPA as well as NSF guidelines (This for the removal of the Bacteria to 99.9999% and the Protozoa to 99.9%) and is also very much proficient in filtering the water for up to two liters for every single minute.

Moreover, the bottommost of the bottle collapses at by itself to apt with no trouble into your bag, then pack or even glove box, also the whole thing however the mesh itself is topmost rack is dishwasher safe. It is cool to use, at ease to clean, extremely portable besides in reality it works greatly.


What else do you want in a water bottle? Even if you are traveling, or hiking, or else traveling around town, the Platypus Meta Bottle would rapidly turn out to be your much-loved hydration buddy. The tranquil to make use bottle comes apart for easy cleaning and can be conveniently compacted down to half its size for easy storage and transport.

The Platypus Meta bottle is created by way of taste-free materials; then BPA, BPS as well as phthalate-free. The bottle is entirely fashioned with the leak-proof cap that opens with easy half turn; that hold many ice cubes. The rugged design takes account of the impact resilient to top half as well as flexible lower half. As said earlier the Dimensions of the bottle is 9.4 x 3.7 inches and the weight is about 8.5 ounces that makes you carry this in very much easy way. The bottles are designed in more colors so that you can choose your preferred one and the Platypus Meta Bottle is made in the USA.

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