Kello is the new smart alarm you are likely to want it

Although alarms are the only reliable thing that wakes you up during the right time and make sure you don’t miss on your schedules, most of us still don’t share good relationships with our alarm systems. There might be several reasons to it. Some might now like the sudden burst of sound in ears while in deep sleep. Some of them find the snooze options and the vibrations too annoying.

Kello has now arrived with its new smart alarm clock that uses a very gentle approach to wake you up. It snoozes less and still wakes you up early.

During a press release CEO Antoine Markarian said “People don’t need another app, sleeping pill, gimmicky alarm clock, or spreadsheets full of sleep data. They need to change their lifestyle. Kello helps you do just that.”


However the Kello smart alarm system still comes with a similar bedside device accompanied with a smartphone application. You can use the app for initial setup of Kello as well control its various applications. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app and the device work in co-ordination to better understand your lifestyle and introduce gentle changes.

Apart from all this, Kello will encourage you to have a regular sleep-time as well a regular wake-up time. For this, it gives users a variety of options to wake up through its integration with Deezer, Spotify and other internet radio stations. Besides this, it unique functions like “Deep Sleep” aims at helping users to fall asleep quick in bed. It makes use of a slowly pulsing light to mimic the user’s breathing with the natural sleeping rhythm and help in getting quicker sleep.


Also its “Sleep Less” feature will allow to make less use of alarm clock’s snooze function, which otherwise often result in disturbed sleep patterns. With the “Snooze Less” feature, users can even set a limit to the number of times they would like their Kello to snooze. Once the limit is reached, Kello will either play a larger sound, bring some music or even turn on your room lights.

Similarly, the “Wake Up” earlier feature Kello helps you to achieve early rising goals. It helps you achieve this early wake-up times goals by trimming your sleep times gradually over the course of say 30 days.

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Similarly, Kello also helps you to prepare from jet lag after tiring tour schedules. Once the user enters the travel date and destination, Kello will accordingly set a light and sleep schedule to effectively minimize the effects of jet leg.

Over and above all, you can also integrate your Kello Smart Alarm with IFTTT and combine it with smart coffee maker that lets you turn-on the coffee machine as the alarm goes-off so that you are served with a fresh brew instantly the moment you enter into kitchen.

To make a purchase, you can avail the discount benefit with a pre-order at Kickstarter. You can visit the Kello website here.


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