BioRing is your new personalised fitness tracking ring


These days, a lot of smart wearables have been coming around in the market that looks and monitors individuals fitness needs and offers the necessary solutions and guides. However, simplicity and robustness in design has always been a matter of concern for the manufacturers as there has been a high demand within the user community for ease of carrying their smart wearable.

In an attempt to get closer to this, BioRing is the smart wearable ring that easily fits on your fingers and acts as a personalised guide to all the fitness and health conscious individuals in the market. BioRing serves to be a more convenient option over most of the traditional smartwatches and comes with very impressive tracking capabilities on-board.

In addition to just measuring the standard metrics of calories burnt and steps taken, it does a lot more. Apart from a 3-axis accelerometer, it also has a bio impedance sensor that looks after providing necessary information like carb, calorie, fat and protein intake. The sensor is able to do this my measuring of the fluid level changes in one’s body which takes place as the carbs get broken into glucose. Also unlike most of the fitness bands that just report the amount of calories burnt, BioRing also lets you know about your calorie intake as well.

The data will further be transmitted to he app where the app has a built-in algorithm to look after calorie intake and micro-nutrients breakdown. The BioRing smart wearable with learn about user’s metabolic rhythm for different individuals in just a week’s time and give personalised health and fitness tips.

Above and all, the small wearable also comes with an optical HR sensor that measures your heart rate, health and activity intensity and other data as well like water level, sleep level or stress levels.

This shows that the smart ring offers an all-round monitoring around your daily life. It has got a vibration motor for alerts, syncs with the app on your smartphone over the Bluetooth. It features a 35mAh of small battery that lasts up to 7 days after a single just above one hour charging on weekly basis.

Here is a demo video about how the BioRing works:

Made up of ceramic zirconium, BioRing is scratch-proof and comes in black and white color options. Click on the Source link below to navigate to its official website and make a purchase.

Source: BioRing

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