Hard Graft Releases their first Stylish S1 Sneakers

Hardgraft is extensively been notorious for their creation of mastery leather as well as wool stuff. Starting from bags then wallets till cases and further eyewear Hard Graft is said to be the mould once more through footwear to some other range. They are guys are always very much famed for the creative and unique products since their creation have still now have not bored anyone in terms when comes to leather, whatever they design is almost aesthetics, attractive for the eye, fashioned to create you feel boundless almost retaining the premium product.


Currently, they are enchanting this know-how to the place that has never reached before your feet. The upper part of the Sneakers is completely made out of leather through the means of cushioned tongue as well as cuffs, enclosed arch, and then draws on the company brand signature grey taking place on the inner foot.


Completed through a sturdy white rubber sole together with the cotton laces, however, the details may be slim yet these mid tops would be billed as the luxury products. The Sneaker is been available at the combination of premium leather then suede upper at either DE saturated Grey or else the Desert Sand with the grippy rubber soles would make certain that you will stay right side up. Through all the grandeur you might want to think through HARDGRAFT’s carry bag.


Certainly, this would not be the Hard Graft product deprived of the appropriate bag that will match it. These all together will come combined so that it is making the sneaker, even more, the perfect accompaniment from all other. This Hard Graft incredible S1 Sneakers has limited to merely 100 pairs, further, these sneakers are ideally minimal excellent for the team up through your favorite set of fall jeans. So, why to wait to grab your sneaker as soon as possible.

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