Innovative Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb Creates the Place Beautiful

Plumen has revealed the Plumen 003 that is the awed inspiring bulb which mutually functional and beautiful as well energy saving. By the means of the jeweler-facetted gold center, this new led light bulb is the fixture by itself really. The descending facing light illumines as great as a customary 60-watt bulb to revivify the surface beneath, despite the fact the central gold design and shape discharges outer the lenient candle-like glow from it. Motorized through the effectiveness of the LED, this bulb would retain the space ignited for actually capable of 10,000 hours, functioning gorgeously alone or else in clusters.

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The downward spotlight by way of two purposes; that is the 003 deals a focused, direct light underneath as well as a pleasing, spineless sidelight. Furthermore, the luxurious light could be perfect for above the dining table, even for the side table or else wherever intimate since it syndicates the pleasing ambient glow through the targeted task light. The Led bulb is compatible by means of utmost trailing edge dimmers. The lists of verified dimmer switches are obtainable via the website


The gold elements that are been used are facetted through the jeweler for offering the light in addition to complete the design. This is innovation was fashioned by the leading persons Hulger, and Claire Norcross together with Marie-Laure Giroux moreover they took five years to create this innovation. The Plumen 003 Led light bulb is certainly the justifiable design that lacks sex appeal. Actually, the preorder is said to start during the month of early November and this goes on sale at Harrods by the month of October 1with the cost of about £150.

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