Motorola with New Incredible Hasselblad True Zoom Camera

At present, the Moto Z Droid has the good camera only. However, if you trust that your phone is the only camera that you rely on, and then this good camera alone is not enough. That is why the Moto has released their innovative Hasselblad True Zoom Camera that comes in. Having the entire advantage over the Z’s Moto Mods rear connector, the true zoom feature enhances the 1/2.3-inch together with the 12-megapixel sensor which has greater pixels for improved image eminence as well as through the 10x optical zoom.


You will also find the new upgraded flash, holding the real shutter button in addition to the grip, then the capability to shoot images even at raw, also since it is been factually attached to the phone, it creates the super easy ways to stake your finest shot perfectly. Through the 10x optical zoom technique, it captures the exhaustive photos by a distance deprived of not affecting the resolution. So you need not worry about the distance of the subject how far it is merely you could focus on the shot alone.

Catch crisp, blur-free images by even lighting at any of the environment. It offers you the easy sharing feature where it allows you to share the pictures with your family as well as friends when you are still at the instant, and revel in the automatic backup. By the means of the Moto Mods, the Moto Z phone promptly turns out to be the movie projector, also the boom box, then powerful battery powerhouse, plus the lot more.


More than that of a nice looking well-designed mod, that is very much not bulk then moreover it packs through its own carrying set case. The case will not only fit for the True Zoom Lens, however, it is also created in such a way to fit whichever smartphone it is attached to in addition.

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