Wait for an Intelligent Stroller is Over! Get Smartbe!

Smartbe Baby Strollers are not your ordinary baby strollers. These strollers come loaded with technology that lets parents perform all their physical activities while keeping their baby happy and comfortable. The baby will love this stroller and you can enjoy relaxed and wonderful morning and evening walks with your baby. This is a patent pending intelligent technology and the revolutionary concept will make you love it. This is a self driving stroller and thus you can jog along without worrying about your kid. And most importantly, this is a baby-friendly and safe product. Products manufactured for babies do come loaded with top notch safety features and this is no different on that frontier.

Intelligent Stroller

All those moms and parents of little ones living in a bustling city like New York, London, etc. are going to love this automatic stroller for carrying their baby around with them all the way. This modern technology stroller is not only comfortable for the baby, it comes loaded with top quality safety and security features. You can monitor your baby even when you go inside a coffee shop. This product is manufactured in such a manner that the needs of both the baby and the parent are satisfied. All the safety regulations put forth by European and US regulation boards are met by this product. The self-propelled technology incorporated in this stroller will make parenting simple and enjoyable.

Smartbe comes loaded with 10 different functions and all these functions can be managed using your Android or iOS smartphones or smart watches. The 10 different functions include climatized carry coat, automatic rocking chair, feeding bottle warmer, electronic locker, automatic power folding, anti-theft sensor, music, webcams and microphones. There are a lot more features on offer but these are the stand alone aspects of Smartbe.

Self Propelled system of Smartbe is revolutionary and it comes in three different navigation modes. Self Propelled mode is one of the most useful modes wherein the stroller will stay in front of the user at a specific safe distance and the movement of the stroller will be synchronized with that of the user. There is no need for any physical assistance or contact in this particular mode. Power Assisted mode is the second one and under this mode, the stroller comes under the direct control of the user and the movement of the stroller is propelled by the motors in slow motion. The last mode offered here is the manual mode in which the user can push the stroller under his or her own manual control.

If you are a jogger and love to take your child with you, then Smartbe is the best stroller for your need; and in fact, the first self propelled stroller for all you urban citizens. When you set the stroller to running mode, the frame of the stroller shifts automatically to a much higher center of gravity position to increase stability, which is crucial for running. This is a safety feature that you can see in this stroller. The wheels of Smartbe Intelligent Stroller are big and they can easily tackle all kinds of bad roads and surfaces.

Preorder Smartbe Intelligent Stroller on Indiegogo right now and you will get the stroller by fall 2016. All those new parents and soon-to-be out there, check out all the different collections of Smartbe products on their website.

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