Stick and Shoot Anywhere with Podo

If you are someone who finds an opportunity in every situation to click selfies, here is a product that is going to surprise you. And we are pretty sure that you will want to buy this product right away. With Podo, there is no need for you to carry your selfies stick everywhere you go. All you need to do with this stick and shoot camera of Podo is simply stick it to any surface and take mind blowing pictures. This is the first Stick and Shoot camera ever in the market and the sticky surface can be used multiple times, which is exactly what you need.

Podo Camera

You can control this Podo camera right from your smartphone and that makes it easy to operate and use effectively. The camera might be small, cute and attractive, but the pictures that you get out of it will be highly professional and super fantastic. Podo is a user-friendly stick anywhere camera and it is a Bluetooth connected wireless product. Just stick it anywhere, control the camera using your smartphone, shoot all your favorite pictures and then share it with everyone you love.

Sticky pad is a crucial element of this camera because as a user you should be able to stick it anywhere and also use it multiple times i.e. the sticky surface should be reliable and should last longer. The sticky magnetic surface is strong and washable. This super powerful magnet can hold on to any flat surface literally, which is a very good aspect of this camera. You can take photos, videos, and even time-lapse using Podo. Since it is controlled by your smartphone, you can preview the pictures on your smartphone before actually capturing them.

The process of capturing pictures using Podo is very simple but the pictures come out in professional quality. Just trigger Podo on your smartphone for capturing pictures. After a countdown your pictures will be captured. All the pictures taken on your Podo get transferred to your smartphone instantly. You can edit your pictures on your phone and share them. The beauty about this camera is that it is super lightweight and can be carried anywhere you go.

You can purchase Stick and Shoot Podo camera from the official website of Podo for just $99. It comes in some exciting colors like Blue, Red, Black, and White & Gold.

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