Stay Cool Anywhere with Zero Breeze

It is not possible to stay cool anywhere we go and most importantly, all of us need something to cool our body in the scorching hot outdoors. We are going to talk about a product which is going to keep you cool even under the scorching Sun, and you will be surprised by the fact that, we are talking about an air conditioner. We are dead serious! This portable air conditioner from Zero Breeze will keep you cool at all times. You cannot carry all those bulky air conditioners around with you outdoors, to the beach and also while camping, but this is a perfect product for everyone.

Portable Air ConditionerZero Breeze is the world’s first portable, easy to use, multi function air conditioner that will make you enjoy the great outdoors. If you have kids then you can take them out to the beach for a fun afternoon and keep him or her comfortable all the way long. This portable air conditioner comes as an excellent travel companion and is a must have item for all those who love the outdoors. The product was launched in Kick Starter and it has surpassed all expectations and pledged much more than expected, so this should be a perfect buy.

Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is battery powered and comes with several features. This smart air conditioner will not only cool you down but will also provide you with other exciting features such as a Bluetooth speaker, smartphone charging port, and night light. Campers and adventure enthusiast are going to love this product when it gets shipped by around March 2017. This portable air conditioner is capable of cooling down a 50 square foot room easily and should be a perfect option for your tent, college dorm, RV, office, home, and any other place you can possibly think of. The device can run for up to 5 hours with full charge.

Zero Breeze weighs just around 8.8 lbs and it measures about 18.32 X 6.46 X 3.82 inches. The handle lets you carry the air conditioner anywhere easily. You can use either the battery pack to power the air conditioner or plug it directly in the power socket. 3 different fan speeds and cool settings will enable you to enjoy the cool air as per your liking.

All the backers of this gadget on Kick Starter are going to be the ones to lay their hands first on this product and you can expect attractive discounts on the product too. If you want to become one of the first hand users of this revolutionary product, then all you have to do is visit the Kick Starter website and become a backer. Just pick a reward and that is it, you have pre-ordered the product which will be delivered to you by March 2017 anywhere in the world. Cool Orange and Frost Blue are the two color options available now. At the moment, the best deal for this product is Zero Breeze Super Early Bird, which will cost you about $349.

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