Skagen announces its new Hagen Connected Smartwatch

Skagen Hagen Connected SmartWatch

Skagen- A Danish company that was been recently bought by Fossil five years ago, has now announced its new Hagen Connected smartwatch at the IFA 2016 recently.

The Hagen Connected smartwatch will be available in four different styles and will come with a leather strap in the sales package. Later, the users can of-course switch the leather strap with a silicon-band, steel-mesh or other leather strap of some different color.

The Hagen Connected smartwatch will be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It will allow all its users to customise the notification type which they get from their smartphone as per their need and convenience. However, one should keep this in mind while buying that this smart analog watch doesn’t come with a touch display.

The Hagen Connected comes with a coin cell battery and doesn’t need any kind of charging. The battery is expected to give a seamless watch performance of 6 months at-least.

The company has recently joined hands with Misfit in order to introduce some kind of activity tracking technology within the smartwatch. The technology will help you count your steps with a progress dial built into the display. The watch will also feature a built-in vibration motor that helps you notify in case of an e-mail or SMS.

With the dedicated Skagen Link software, users will be able to ring the phone, control music, take photos and track several other goals with the help of physical buttons.

The Hagen Connected Smartwatch will be available from later this month for a price of $195.

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