Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounger

Ladies, its beach time and you have to buy this comfort lounger for the best lounging experience. All the boyfriends and husbands out there, this is your golden opportunity to provide your girl with this beautiful product that will make them comfortable and feel relaxed on the beach. This particular beach chair is designed by women for women and that makes it even more special. Two of the major advantages of this comfort lounger are that it is easy to carry anywhere and women can lie relaxed on their stomach comfortably.

Ostrich Ladies Lounger

Lying on their stomach when on the beach is comfortable for many and this product will certainly increase the level of comfort you enjoy. Head and arm cavities help lay on your stomach more comfortably. This lounger comes with an expandable breast cavity, making it highly convenient for you. Prone position can be enjoyed by women of all sizes with this exciting breast cavity feature.

Seat height of the lounger is 12 inches and this gives you easy access to the comfort lounger. If you are a keen reader then you can enjoy reading lying down on your stomach all day long. This comfort lounger is also perfect for some tanning. The lounger folds completely flat and this lets you store it easily in your garage or even in your closet. It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, which should be more than enough for women.

Buy Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounge for just $53 @ Amazon. This product is lot more than an ordinary beach lounger, so try it out for yourself or gift it to a friend.

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