Moov Now and Fall in Love with Exercising

There are plenty of fitness watches and activity trackers out there and we know that we have discussed about a lot of them; but here we are bringing to you one of the exciting fitness and activity trackers in the market that is a lot different from other fitness gadgets. It is head and shoulders above Apple Watch and FitBit trackers since it provides you the ability to learn and coach yourself to perfect the physical activity to the best of your ability. You will be able to transform yourself into an expert and start loving the way you exercise. There are certain special features that this device can perform, which some other pricey fitness trackers cannot.

Moov Now is the latest fitness tracker model launched by the company and it definitely promises to offer a lot of exciting features, so do not miss the fun. It helps you learn and it will coach you to fine tune your skills and become an expert in several physical activities such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, boxing, and even the regular physical training. The beauty about this product is that you can wear it even on your leg and it gives you all the information you may need.

MoovPeople who go for a run will be able to track their performance and make adjustments, which will enhance their efficiency. Details such as steps per minute will help your improve your confidence and efficiency. Swimmers will be able to analyze their distance covered per stroke and the number of strokes that they took to complete a particular distance, etc. And all you boxers out there, get ready to be trained because Moov will make you move hard and perform and punch well above your weight.

Moov Now is a complete training and performance enhancer product and this will let you analyze your form, coach you to develop it, tracks your motion to accuracy, communicate with you during your workout and most important of them all, this comes with a class leading 6 month battery life. By using Moov Now you will be able to develop and grow your exercise skills and posture gradually and it does not create any kind of stress or tension to your body.

Relaxed and progressive training is very important and this device gives you that. Interval training provided by Moov Now will make you take regular intervals during workout and this technique will provide greater results. Moov Now comes in exciting color combinations and the company also lets you design your own Moov Now using their Mix and Match web interface. Color of the band and core can be chosen depending on your preference.

You can buy Moov Now for just $59.95 from Moov store.

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