It’s time to get safer with this 2nd generation August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock 2.0 is the latest and updated version of the smart lock launched by August and it comes with HomeKit. This smart lock is lot more secure, easy to install and delivers you superior quality, all of which were lacking in the older versions. If you are an Apple user then the HomeKit that comes with this gadget will be a treat for sure. Some of the key highlights or differences that you will find in this product are the design, setup, performance, security, Nest integration and its ability to work with Siri. Apple’s HomeKit software is intuitive and will offer you great control and a long list of features.

Smart Lock 2.0 lets you control everything via smartphone. It offers much more than a traditional key. Virtual keys can be created for your guests if you are not at home when they arrive. You can track your visitors from anywhere using your Android or iOS application. Guest access will allow you to set time of entry for your guests. You can set times in a day or week or even a month for your guests and also cancel entry anytime you want on the move. With virtual keys, you can set different keys for your guests every single time and this will allow you to have complete control over your home.

August Smart Lock

Automatic locking and unlocking feature incorporated in the device lets you leave or reach your home at ease. As you come closer to your door, the smart lock will automatically open the door for you and likewise when you leave your home it will automatically lock the door as you turn your back, which sounds really fantastic. You even have the option to turn this automatic setting off anytime you want.

August Smart Lock is all about creating a sense of comfort and security for homeowners and this is achieved by the smart activity tracking feature. This feature tracks activities 24 X 7 and provides you with details of all those who have entered or exited your property. Every single guest will be given a unique key and this will let you know who opens the door and the time they open it.

August Home application is available for Android and iOS based smartphone users and this will act as your home’s control center. Application is totally free, and using it, you can create keys, view activity logs, grant access, etc. Apple watch can also be used to perform the same activities, which gives you greater flexibility. There is no need for you to worry about your existing lock hardware because this smart lock is to be fit only on the inside and will have no impact on your existing lock. Fitting it is also very simple and all you need to do to fit it successfully is simply follow the setup DIY instructions that come with the product.

August Smart Lock 2.0 HomeKit Enabled version can be purchased for just $200 on Amazon or from August Store. Check out various other products that are offered by the company to transform your home into a smart home.

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