The Next Best Product for Cyclists

All you cyclists out there, it is time for an upgrade! We know that you have bought several products that could help you watch where you are going on your bike and also let others know that you are coming. Most of the products that you find in the market are quite simple or ordinary. None of them are as sophisticated and super functioning as an ORP Smart Horn and Light. This smart horn does two jobs in one and can be fitted to your bike instantly.

ORP Smart Horn and LightORP Smart Horn is the world’s first dual tone horn and beacon light which will let you enjoy the ride without worrying about anything. You will be able to ride the way you like without causing any harm to others. If you are a mountain rider or an adventure rider in general, then the beacon light will let you explore more than what you would normally do. This is a USB rechargeable product and is super light and works brilliantly well. You can power up the device in no time and get ready for your ride. It comes with an integral strap, using which you can mount this ORP on any handlebar.

Dual tone horn will let you tackle the hustle and bustle of the city roads and get to that long stretch of roads that you love. The different tones include 76dB and 96dB and both these tones come in handy. The lower dB horn is more of a friendly horn to alert your fellow cyclists and pedestrians whereas the 96dB horn is for riding through heavy traffic. Every time you press the horn, the LED light of ORP shines alerting others on the road. As cyclists, it is very important to show your presence and it should be felt by others clearly, which is exactly what ORP Smart Horn delivers.

Beacon light comes in 5 different lighting modes and lets you choose between these modes to suit your varied driving conditions. It has two LEDs, which can be used to obtain a clear view and also to alert others on the road. You can use slow strobe mode in order to enhance energy efficiency. Under this mode, you can get a battery life of about 11 hours, whereas you can get only 3 hours when you place the lights on Constant mode. Horn initiation is completely user friendly and it works wonderfully well with the help of REMORP. You can initiate both these actions without having to lift your hand.

Stay safe during your next biking adventure with this ride safe, sound and alert technology from ORP. Buy it for $65 from ORP official website. You get a free REMORP on every purchase at the store.

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