Drink Pure Water Anywhere with Aquaovo Personal Water Filter

Are you someone who loves to go on an adventure trip quite often? Then this Personal Water Filter system from Aquaovo should keep you safe by providing pure drinking water for days or even weeks. You can go on an adventure trip carrying just this water bottle and there is no need for you to carry extra weight by taking all your regular water bottles and other necessities. Personal Water Filtration plays a major role in removing all the dirt and dusts that contaminate the water and provides you with clean and fresh water wherever you go.

If you are planning to present a gift to your trekking friend, then this item should be a perfect choice because thisAquaovo provides all the features they might need. This is a super simple product and it provides all the user comforts and flexibility that you may be looking for. Remaining hydrated is very important during an outdoor adventure, and on top of that, drinking pure and clean water is crucial. You may come across a lot of streams and rivers while trekking and these streams may carry pure fresh natural water; but they may contain dusts which may not be visible to your naked eye. That is where this product comes in handy.

Aquaovo incorporates a revolutionary Alter Ego technology and this is used by several military and rescue workers for more than 10 years now. The design is great, the product is robust, works phenomenally well and delivers the best results that you need. All the harmful constituents in water such as Lead, Fluoride, Aluminum, Chlorine, Radon, Arsenic, PCB’s, etc. will be removed by this water purification system, making sure that you drink pure water always. Aquaovo Alter Ego can be used to purify water that you get from your tap, parks, street corners, rivers, streams, etc. and there is no condition on that whatsoever.

Alter Ego comes with a single globetrotter cartridge and a single flushing bulb. Using this product you can clean about 750 liters of water without getting any kind of after taste whatsoever. You need to replace the cartridge only after that, which seems to be fair and reasonable. Another exciting feature of the product is the bottom opener and scavenger mode which lets you take water into the device even from shallow ponds and streams. It is very easy to carry the product with you everywhere and it lets you go anywhere in the wild and enjoy without compromising on hydration.

Buy it for just $65 from the Aquaovo official website. This is a healthy gift that your adventure-loving friend is going to love.

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