The Neat Glass – The Ultimate Glass Friend

Alcohol burn overcomes the truth, pampering the practice. So that is why the NEAT’s patented science eradicates the nose burn. The Neat Glass is not only merely a cup for you to drink to booze out of, but it is the drinking tool. These are designed in such a way to eliminate nose burn as well as numbness; the Neat Glass will permit you the drinker the chance to really experience also to savor each of the interesting flavors than aromas of the spirits.

The Taste together with the aroma is the most real measure of the quality of the spirits. It is the award winning select of the professionals plus the tastemakers, also official judging then tasting glass for most of all the major spirits rivalries. The Neat glass will offer you the true intense savor of every spirit, together with whiskeys, bourbon, scotch, cognacs, rum, guns, and tequila what, not even the vodkas.


The design and shape of the Neat Glass are exactly designed to create gulping an experience again and again, and not fair somewhat we do earlier we style unfortunate life choices. The Neat Glass Features two pack of Glasses so that you can share a drink experience with your friend.

They have incorporated naturally engineered and fix up Aroma technology. It completely dissolves the alcohol odor to fashion the enjoyable drinking practice through eradicating the nose burn from it. The Neat glass has the dimension of 2- 2/3″ H X 3 1/16″ W and where the capacity is 2 oz which is the best pour. The design is curved sides enrich the evaporation and unlock the aromas. The Sweet Spot offers you to intense the aroma at the center of the rim level, so will not experience the nose burn. Grip at the palm to warm and on a neck to cool.

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