WHYD Speaker all you Control Music without Smartphone

Many of the people will make use of the Amazon Echo as their chief speaker because of the easy and simple convenience of their voice control. Unluckily, that does not sound that much great. However, this is made good by the Whyd Speaker since it does everything for you. Similar to that of the Echo, it permits you to make use of your voice for controlling every action. Also at the same time, it hits on to closely all famous music facility, as a result, it is for sure to discovery as well as play whatever you desire.

The Use of Multiple Class-D amplifiers will drive it four complete ranges drivers which will be spaced for around the 360º coverage, also alternative drives will drive the integrated subwoofer. The elegant soft touch interface is been used which will allow you to manage your music straight away from the speaker.



You will also have a touch glass surface on the top which will allow you to take every manual gesture control, plus as you suppose want to keep then very much close to you, then the organic design will come from in several colors to grab your flavors.

Whyd syndicates loveliness, excellence and ease to fashion the expressive music experience. Furthermore, the 360 Whyd Sound technologies deliver sparkler clear sound through deep as well as dramatic bass from all the side of directions. You can control the music from any side of or anywhere from the room without the help of your phone.

whyd-speaker 1

Also, you can ask for the track that you desire, the artist, and favorite playlist otherwise even your radio. If you say it, you can play then. It is that much easy and comfort. Whyd Speaker can work through all of your desired music apps. This really works out of the box and worth buying it.

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