Track Your Adventurous Pets with Whistle GPS

Do you love pets? In that case, we can understand one particular problem that every single one of us faces at times, and that is to find our loved little ones. Dogs and cats love to roam around and we need to keep an eye on them or else things may turn out bad. In certain cases they may also be in desperate need of our help. Whatever may be the problem, with Whistle there will be no more lost pets. Whistle GPS tracker lets you track the location of your pet on demand. This will let you play hide and seek with your pet, and you will become the winner every single time.

WhistleWhistle GPS tracker is an easy to use device that will fit perfectly on your pet’s neck and will be a comfortable piece of equipment for sure. Whistle GPS tracker mobile application is simple and straightforward and does the job effectively. Location of your pet and the physical activity performed by him or her will be sent directly to your smartphone application and this enables you to establish complete control and monitor your pet anywhere.

Pet owners can set custom whistle zone and this means that your pet will be safe inside this particular zone that is designated by you. Your home will be the custom whistle zone in most cases. Location alerts will be sent to you via the application or message when your pet moves outside the custom whistle zone. Nationwide GPS coverage is provided to the pet owner and you can even make use of the Live GPS tracking feature to look at your pet’s location instantly.

Activity monitoring tool that comes with this Whistle GPS collar tracker will keep you updated on the activities performed by your pet. It is not always possible to stay close to our pets and with this feature you will be able to monitor your pet even when you are not near him or her. Whistle lets you connect your spouse, friends, family members and other pet caretakers using the Connected Caretakers tool and this keeps everyone updated. Health trends monitoring tool lets you monitor your pet’s weight for its respective age and breed. Track activity progress and goals set by you.

Whistle GPS tracker is waterproof and it is a durable design tailor made for pets. Pets can play and have fun like they normally do and the product is made of pet friendly material. It comes with a rechargeable battery and you simply need to plugin just for an hour to fully recharge the device. It has a long lasting battery life as well.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is available for just $79.95 @ The Whistle Shop. Have a look at the website and you can find plenty of other exciting products and accessories.

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