Mophie H2Pro Juice Pack gives you protection and power

Mophie has been providing Juice Pack battery cases for several models of smartphones and this product that is made for Apple iPhone 6 and 6s will be a perfect gift item for your clumsy friend. This company specializes in manufacturing battery cases that double up also as a protection and charging device, which makes it more attractive than other normal battery cases that you find in the market. They offer battery cases of this kind for several models of smartphones and tablets and this is one of the perfect gift items for any of your tech savvy friends who are not well organized.

H2Pro Juice Pack from Mophie will give you waterproof protection and also the power of an extra battery. This will Mophie Juice Packbe a perfect product for all those who love to go on adventure trips and even for those who tend to drop their phone quite often. Either way around you get a tremendous product that will protect and power your smartphone. If your friend or colleague loves to watch videos then this product will be a perfect fit for them because they can watch plenty of videos without losing power.

H2Pro comes with IP 68 waterproof protection which should be more than enough to protect your phone from water. Mud, dirt, food, drinks, etc. will not have any impact on your smartphone. This will also be a perfect gift item for all the new moms who are going to have a tough time managing their babies. Babies tend to throw up, play with your phone and even use them to pour drinks and foods items. All of this will not have any impact whatsoever and your phone will stay as good as brand new with this protection case. Anti-glare screen protector also comes with this product. You are buying a product that has exceeded the US military standards.

Scratch resistant Anti-glare membrane of the product is user friendly and it lets you perform all the activities on your phone at ease. Integrated volume, lock buttons work seamlessly as well. On top of all this, H2Pro Juice Pack is compact and it does multiple jobs for you. You get different color schemes with the basic one being black and other combination color patterns include Grey/White, Pink/Grey and White/Blue.

Mophie H2Pro Juice Pack can be purchased at Mophie website for $129.95.

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