Get Ready for GoPro Omni 360˚ VR

Hey Folks! Are you still waiting for your GoPro Omni 360 to be delivered? Well, it could be frustrating and agonizing to wait for a product that you love. But, the wait is over! GoPro has started shipping all the preorders of GoPro Omni 360 and it should reach you real soon. If you have not ordered this product yet, then now is the time to do so. Omni is a 6 camera rig and the product opens the doors for 360˚ VR revolution. We can guarantee you that it will be the next GoPro revolution.


GoPro Omni is available for purchase just as a rig alone or even as an all inclusive device. If you already own around 6 Hero4 black cameras then you can buy the rig alone. All inclusive devices should be your pick, and you get a whole lot of exciting features at the hefty price that you pay for the product. Omni Pro 360˚ is a device designed to capture 360˚ videos, which is perfect for VR. This is a complete spherical hardware and software solution which gives you revolutionary 360˚ VR. The gadget lets you do everything. You can capture an image, stitch it, and publish it in high resolution VR.

Synchronized 6 camera array technology enables the user to edit and stitch images much more precisely than in the earlier cases of unsynchronized arrays. 8K stunning image quality is something you will be happy to get from the camera. These high quality images when transferred into Virtual Reality will create a major difference and the viewer will be able to identify the HD quality difference in the image instantly. Omni and Kolor work in harmony and this helps you achieve the perfect 360˚ VR.

All inclusive Omni comes with 6 Hero4 black cameras, the rig, Kolor software license, 6 batteries, 6 mini USB cables, 6 X 32GB microSD, GoPro smart remote, card readers and a case. If your boyfriend is a VR enthusiast then this will be a perfect gift which will surprise him to the maximum. You get everything in one place and this lets you save a lot of time and money. You can get more information on the product, its features list and what makes it different from others on the official GoPro website.

Purchase GoPro Omni All Inclusive from GoPro website for $4999.99. GoPro Omni Rig only is also available for $1499.99. The product is a whole lot cheaper when compared to Google’s VR package which will cost you $15000.

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