Prynt Photos from Your Smartphone

Prynt has brought back the retro lifestyle experience of printing photos right when we take them with this refreshing and exciting photo printing product. The fun of having our photos printed directly from our smartphones the moment we capture them is really over the roof. Imagine the loads of selfies that you would be able to print and share with our friends and family. Retro Polaroid camera culture is back, but with a twist and fun element this time around. The device is compact and lets you enjoy all those precious moments conveniently.

The Prynt Case

Prynt comes with a case and application which makes everything happen. Through the application, you will be able to take photos, edit them and print the same in a matter of minutes. The case should be connected to your smartphone and this case consists of sticky paper where all your photos get printed. You can also print the photo that you already have in your photo library, which is a good feature. Watching your photos getting printed right in front of your eyes will make you mesmerized in the moment.

Are you wondering whether you need some sort of ink for printing your photos? Well, that is where the real surprise comes. Prynt provides you with ZINK papers, which are the ones responsible for delivering inkless smudge free photos. Sticky paper pack is also provided as a separate purchase item and using this product, you will be able to print all your photos and then stick them up anywhere you like. They come with a peel off sticker, which is quite attractive.

Another important feature that you will get with Prynt application is that every single picture that you capture is also a video. All you need to do is just hold on to the picture on the application and you will find the video playing, capturing the moments during the shoot. All those who possess iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 +, 6S +, SE, Galaxy S5, etc. can make use of this device on their phone and bring back all your photos to life. Standard Prynt case comes with a 10 pack of photo paper and if you want more, you can purchase it from the official website of Prynt. The product comes in three refreshing colors – white, black and blue.

Buy Prynt case for just $149.99 @ Prynt. The product will be shipped for free and you can even purchase other accessories.

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