On the Go Espresso Maker from MiniPresso GR

MiniPresso GR from Wacaco should be the best gift choice if you are looking to present it to someone who is on the move always and loves a fresh cup of espresso every now and then. People who travel a lot for work or those of you who simply love traveling would often get tired, and in such a situation, this product will prove to be very handy. This will be a thoughtful gift if you are planning to gift it to someone of this kind. This product does not need any power source or batteries because it is a completely hand powered product which makes it super friendly and easy to carry anywhere. The Espresso Maker will be perfect for camping, adventure trips and other outdoor events that you may have planned.

Espresso Maker

MiniPresso GR looks just like a small thermo and it is compact with no outward projecting parts, which is a really good aspect. The device is just 360 grams in weight and therefore would be extremely easy to carry around. Space is one of the crucial aspects and it plays a major role when you are packing for a tour. It consists of a main body, coffee basket, water chamber, coffee scoop, locking cover, cup and most importantly, a semi automatic Piston. This produces a pressure of 116 PSI and this lets small amounts of water to be injected on to the coffee adapter. With just a few pushes of the piston, you can achieve the desired extraction pressure.

Just fill all the compartments with the necessary components and work it simply by placing the product on any one of your hands. There is no need for any power source or N2O cartridges or compressed air, all it needs is your hand to press the piston which does the job. Varying water tank capacity is available and this lets you enjoy different espresso items such as caffë lungo, ristretto, etc.

Buy MiniPresso GR for $59 from the official website of Wacaco. 30 days refund and return guarantee is provided by the manufacturer and this will let you return or avail refund if you are not satisfied with it.

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