Bragi Dash Smart Wireless Earphones

Bragi has come with the world’s first wireless smart earphone and we are really excited to write about this product. We can understand your excitement, and the fact that this product does live up to its expectations makes it one of the most interesting and anticipated ones. Dash smart earphone is smart, sleek and will work under all circumstances. This earphone provides a louder and smarter wireless hearing solution, which is one of the key highlights of the product on the whole.

The Dash smart earphone looks just like an ear bud and it is definitely one of the smartest technology products in the market. This smart wireless earphone is a perfect gadget for all those gadget lovers who like to hit the road running, jogging, cycling, go swimming and performing other activities. This device is a perfect companion for performing all those tough activities. This is ideally a sport centric earphone and you will know why simply by having a look at the product.

The DashDash smart wireless earphone combines all three crucial features such as music player, sports tracker and smartphone communicator, which are very important when you are on a workout. As far as the music player feature is concerned, you can either play music from your smartphone or make use of the 4 GB internal storage space offered by Dash smart wireless earphone. This space will let you store around 1000 songs and you can listen to all these songs and other audio files in a crystal clear and loud fashion. With just a swipe you can mute the player to hear the sounds around you.

Controlling Dash smart wireless earphone will be fun and exciting with the presence of optical touch. You can just tap and swipe the device to control it and there are no buttons, which makes it convenient. The Dash also acts as a live sports tracker and this will let you keep track of various factors such as heart rate, number of steps, distance covered, calories burnt, time taken to cover a particular distance, pool lengths, breaths, and cadence.

Dash smart earphone also turns out to become your handy smartphone by assisting you in answering all your calls. There is a microphone in one ear piece and this item filters all the noises around you and lets you communicate clearly even in a busy environment. To those who are worried about the fit size of this wireless earphone, we are happy to inform you that the Dash wireless earphone comes in 4 different Fit Sleeves, such as XS, S, M and L.

The Dash wireless earphone comes with a recharge on the go kit and this lets you charge your Dash anywhere. Battery life of Dash is 3 hours and using this battery case, you will be able to charge your Dash up to 5 times, which should be handy. Bragi smartphone application is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile users, so connecting to the device and monitoring its activities and performance should not be a problem at all.

The Dash smart wireless earphone is hands down a winner and should be considered as your next best gift for your loved one. Bragi Dash smart wireless earphones can be purchased for $299.99 @ Amazon.

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