3 in 1 Buckshot Pro

We have discussed about plenty of Bluetooth speakers and portable speakers in the past but we are still not done with it, because this portable Bluetooth speaker comes as an excellent package for all those bikers, cyclists, adventure enthusiasts and mountain bikers who are often outdoors. This Buckshot Pro is a 3-in-1 product which comes with a wireless speaker, portable charger and flashlight. All these three features provide certain benefits which prove to be quite useful for the user. This would be an excellent gift option to those of you who are tired of presenting your loved ones with regular outdoor gifts. With this exciting outdoor product you can get all the three benefits in one, which makes it an attractive package.


Buckshot Pro provides great sound, light and the power you need to charge all your gadgets. The product is available in 6 exciting colors and one of the key benefits of this device is the superior sound quality that comes out of its compact rugged speaker. There is a handlebar mount which lets you mount the device on to your bike when you go outdoors. Flashlight points outwards and the speaker faces towards you, giving you perfect ambience and atmosphere. Flashlight can be set to three different modes, like torch, lamp and flash. The device is water- and shock- resistant and will not bother you by any means.

Camp light feature of Buckshot Pro comes with light settings of high and low. You get plush and soft light and buttons to control volume, song selection, and there is also built-in microphone and speaker which provide better smartphone features. With a single full charge, the claimed running time is 10 hours, but several customers who have used the product seem to get more out of it. If you are looking for an exciting outdoor person focused gift item, then The Buckshot Pro is the perfect choice.

The Buckshot Pro can be purchased from Amazon for just $41. Gift this item to your outdoor loving friend and make them happy. Based on the color you choose, the pricing will differ and price mentioned here is for the Black color version of Buckshot Pro.

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