Ti Arto Pen Functions Over 200 Refills, the Ultimate Refill Responsive Pen

The Ti Arto Pen proves that Joe Huang and Chadwick Parker continue to have lot tricks upon their sleeves. They have introduced the latest solid titanium pen that accepts much more refills other than any other pen and period. This innovative Ti Arto pen will accept about 200 distinct refills without also the drop of tip-wiggle.

They also give a confidence that this pen can be used for nearly one generation since this stunning innovation accepts that much mind blogging a number of refills. They have constantly desired to progress or simplify this hence people could switch out a varied variation of refill kinds, styles, also brands deprived of surrendering the writing practice.


Coming to a design of the grip it really holds a thick diameter refill which is used inside the pen. You will be able to find a small visual gap of about 0.8 mm among the grip and the body. Our grip design tactically benefits concealment whichever gaps while by means of larger diameter refills kept inside. The size is that very much compact that profound post which is on the back of the body permits the pen to be closely the identical size at every time.

In case your pocket clip always acquires unintentionally snagged otherwise bent, you could rapidly fix it. Every single pen would originate through a tradition spanner tool to permit you to carry the cap separately, redesign your clip, as well as reassemble it with comfort.


Since coating can sometimes could chip off plus wear down, that is why the Ti Arto has come up with the natural, then uncoated, which has got the machine finished raw titanium texture so this makes them appear great even after many years to come on. The body of the pen, grip, cap and even mechanism is also made by Grade 5 Titanium Alloy that is Ti-6Al-4V. This is really a unique and an innovative product that is both reasonably priced and made to last.

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