New Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver makes your Work at ease

When the weekend knockouts, you will not know what type of jobs might demand your attention around your home. This Craftsman created fresh Slide Cartridge Screwdriver will stand to up with you for most of those jobs that you would on those days. This Screwdriver features a Go cartridge that will hold 6-bits Twist as well.

All you have to do is just pull on the slide button that is presented to the device just before to need to change the bit. You need to rotate the bit cartridge very manually so as to select your desired bit, then simply push your slide button forward, when all this is done then you are ready to go.

craftsman-screwdriver 1

The Craftsman 4V Slide screwdriver holds a rocker trigger switch which is been used for the forward plus reverse or backward selection that is much comparable to that of the Bob the Builder Drill. The motor used is single speed so apart from the direction setting this can offer only on or off control. It can afford about 30.9 in-lbs of torque that is nearly to the 3.6V or 4V Max freestyle screwdriver.

The lithium-ion battery 4V 1.5Ah Li-ion is put together inside the tool which will charge up to 3-5 hours by means of a wall charger. However, it is said that there is no self-discharge in case if you are not using it. Therefore this instrument will be always ready while you require it. There is also a rubbery handle grip that is very much easy-to-hold the device also the tool features a LED sight light when you need visibility at the dark places. The Craftsman 4V Slide cordless screwdriver is at this time $35, but then again it will possibly come out for the sale nearby the holiday season.

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