Revolutionize your party with Coolest Coolers

Are you tired of roaming around with all those boring coolers that do not provide any other feature apart from cooling all your drinks? You don’t have to stay frustrated anymore because this revolutionary Coolest Cooler product is an all rounder and will give you plenty of attractive features. If your boyfriend or dad loves to go outdoors and enjoy during summer, then this will be an ideal gift for them. Coolest Coolers are available in three exciting colors – blue, orange and yellow. Buy the color that you or your friend loves a lot and surprise him.


Coolest Coolers come with some mind blowing features which you will never believe to be found in a cooler. Basic feature of a cooler, which is to keep the drinks cool, is there as always. The cooler has great insulation and your ice will stay frozen even after 5 to 6 days, which is quite astonishing. This cooler will hold about 55 quarts and that should be more than enough for a short outdoor trip.

One of the special features of this cooler is the built-in blender which can be used to blitz ice to add to your drink, giving you a relishing drink in the warm summer. Rechargeable blender is the perfect addition to the cooler and it enables you to make smoothies, margaritas, and many more combination of drinks. You also get a USB charger with this cooler and this lets you charge your phones while enjoying the summer outdoors with your friends and family. Charge your cameras, phones and even speakers using it.

There is no party without music and the product comes with a twin speaker, which is also detachable. With a single charge, this speaker will let you listen 8 hours of unlimited music and the speaker can also be paired with any other speaker that your may have within a distance of 30 ft and create a music theatre outdoor. LED lid light, bottle opener, secret compartment, and tie down bungee cord are some of the other exciting features that you get from this product.

Buy the Coolest Cooler for just $399.99 from the official website of Coolest. You get attractive discounts and promotions as specials at times, so make use of it and gift your loved ones.

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