Ener Plex Portable Solar Charger

There may be a lot of gift options to present to your adventure loving friend, but there is nothing more attractive and exciting for your friend than the Ener Plex Portable Solar Charger. This product lets all your gadgets stay charged forever under all situations. All you need for this is just the Sun and you can easily hang this product on your backpack and enjoy trekking, meanwhile this portable solar charger will charge your smartphone and other gadgets. You can charge your smartphone, laptop, tablet, music player and much more.

Solar ChargerEner Plex Portable Solar Charger is available in several different models and if your friend is an avid trekker then you should be looking to gift him or her either the USB enabled portable solar charger or solar backpack. But we would suggest USB enabled portable solar charger since you can keep it anywhere and need not compromise on your trekking kit. Kickr Portable Solar chargers are super convenient and available in 4 different products, so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and requirement.

All the models of Ener Plex Portable Solar chargers are lightweight, thin and portable, making them one of the most user friendly and flexible products. Kickr IV solar charger should be your preferred pick since it has all that you need to charge your device even under unfriendly situations. Kickr IV consists of 4 lightweight solar panels which can be folded easily and it even comes in a lightweight packaging. The product is weather resistant, rugged, compact and super thin, all of which make it a perfect companion for you even on top of the hill.

Kickr IV Solar charger delivers 6 watts of power and the power charging performance of this device will be just like the one you would get from a normal power outlet at home. All the 4 panels can be folded and kept in a compact place when not used, which adds another element of flexibility and compactness. You can easily attach the charger to your backpack or on the outside of your tent using 4 grommets that come with the product.

Ener Plex Portable Solar Charger should be the gift you should give for your dad or boyfriend or any of your friends who love backpacking and camping. Buy Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger for $65.65 from Amazon.

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