Phone Soap 2.0 Sanitizer

Do you know the fact that your smartphone contains 18 times more bacteria than a public toilet? You should be amazed by this truth! We certainly are. All these bacteria and other dusts can be removed from your smartphone without causing any harm to your gadget using the product we are going to discuss about. Your phone will not get wet or scratched. Many other products that claim to clean your smartphone tend to cause this problem, but it is not an issue with the Phone Soap 2.0. Smartphones tend to be the world for most of us and with the amount of work that is done using them, they definitely require cleaning.

Phone Soap 2.0 is an excellent product using which your smartphone will not get wet or scratch under any circumstance. All the bacteria and other germs that get settled on the phone will be removed 99.99%. UV light is used to kill all the germs and clean your smartphone. This UV sanitizing process will just take about 10 minutes. The curved reflective surfaces combined with the two lights provide all round cleaning. Phone Soap 2.0 also provides acoustic audio amplifier and charger.

Even when your smartphone is placed inside the Phone Soap for cleaning, you will still be able to get notifications and reminders from your phone. You can hear alarm, phone calls and other notifications and the device is easy to operate as well. UV lighting system shuts off automatically once you open it, giving you complete protection. The device can be used to clean even large size smartphones, keys, credit cards, etc.

Phone Soap 2.0 comes with a simple 6 step instruction manual and that will let you enjoy cleaning all your smartphones and other items in no time. This should be an ideal gift for anyone you know and it will make them and their phones happy, clean and safe.

Buy now for just $59.95 @ Phone Soap. You can buy this product in two basic colors – black and white. Gift this product to all the gadget lovers you know.

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