Facebook Examining Discreet Notification Feature for Preventing Over Tagging

Highlights: Discreet Notification Feature

1. It has been rolled out to a small group of users in Canada, UK, France, & Canada.

2. It’ll help Facebook users to discreetly send a notification to their friends without tagging.

The social media giant is testing its new feature which could discreetly enable FB users to notify their family & friends without requiring to tag them. Presently, the feature is being made available to only a few users in UK, France, Canada, on Web & iOS platforms.

For the above users, there’s a tiny box beneath the posts which shows up letting them to notify their friends about their new post. In general, users are required to share their post on the Facebook timeline, tag their friends within the post itself, or inside the comments area so as to bring the attention of near friends. But, the feature can possibly result in unwanted attention since the post could appear on their friend’s timeline in case they do not have timeline-review activated.

The discreet notification feature will terminate the tagging system whilst allowing users to simply notify friends without the post displaying on their Timeline or News-Feed.

Although tagging won’t reduce the relevance score, as a few specific posts need tagging, it’ll eliminate overpopulation of inappropriate posts on the user’s timeline. But, in a few cases tagging can’t just be prevented, for instance a group photo. For this, the new feature may come to the rescue, since it’ll first let the users to moderate each of the tagged posts prior to it displays on their personal timeline.

Even though Facebook is examining this system, they haven’t disclosed any details about its commercial rollout as of yet. According to Facebook, “Once the user makes a post which is particularly related to his/her friends, it is important that they actually see it. Rather than simply tagging friends within comments area or the post itself, the user will now have a better option so as to alert them in regards to their post with the help of this new feature.”

The discreet notification feature presumably aims to get rid of needless tagging & prevent all those thousand inappropriate comments with only tags. On the other hand, Facebook is also examining yet another feature which is aimed to provide users with the choice to publish any particular post just to the News-Feed & not on their personal Timeline. This will allow Facebook users to post any number of posts on their personal timeline or News-Feed without needing to save it in the profile history section.

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