Carry your pet in style with U-pet

Those of you who love pets just like we do, you would know the frustration of trying to find a reliable and pet friendly way to carry your pets with us wherever you go. U-pet offers the best pet friendly solution and this will make it easy for you to stay and roam around with your pets wherever you go. The usual method of using garbage bags with holes on them to move our cats or little dogs from one place to another is thrown out the window. As pet lovers we all like to provide the best environment possible for our pets even on the move and this product offers exactly that.

U-pet Bag

U-pet travel bag comes with an outward protruding bubble window and this will allow the pet to watch around and get used to the surroundings. Your pet will stay calm under this state, which is exactly what you need while traveling. U-pet offers several different pet friendly bags and one of those is the Bubble travel bag, which acts both as a backpack and also as a car set and will make sure that your pet is safe even while driving.

Bubble travel bag is manufactured in such a way that your pet will love to move around in this bag. It comes with ventilation holes for your pet to breathe properly. It also comes with a built-in security mesh. Side entries are also available in the bag and this enables flexibility and comfort for the pet and the owner.

U-pet carrier bag is offered in several varieties like duffel bags, rollers, backpacks, messenger bags and even sports bags. They come in several different attractive colors and that should give you plenty of options to choose from. It is time for you to let your pet enjoy traveling without the feeling of being suffocated. Enhance the mood of your pet through this healthier and more interactive way of travelling with your pet.

U-pet Bubble pet carrier can be purchased from Amazon at $99. You can find several different products on the official website of U-pet as well.

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