Samsung May Launch Smart Phones with Foldable Displays in 2017

According to one of the reports by Bloomberg, the company is working day and night on a program called ‘Project Valley’ for developing phones with foldable & bendable displays.

Samsung is said to unveil 2 brand new devices during the upcoming year, which includes one which can fold in half & another one with a 5” screen which can unfurl into an 8” tab.

There have been rumors about the technology for quite a while now & Samsung is not the only firm who is experimenting with such type of devices. Other popular brands like Sony & LG have been at it too.

But whilst the idea of being able to fold & bend your display seems ultra-futuristic, experts aren’t sure if it is going to radically transform the smart phone market immediately.

Obviously, it may assist designers manufacture devices which are convenient to carry in a pocket. However, users are only being getting acquainted with bigger screen smart phones during the past couple of years. Excluding the 4.7” iPhone SE from Apple, there are practically no new smart phones which are available in at under 5”.

Simultaneously, users are expecting more from their smart phone devices in regards to the processing power, imaging capabilities & the battery life. As those features have only been getting better and better in the past, it looks like cutting the overall device size to almost 50 percent might push companies to compromise on the specs.

But, even in case these devices only attract a tiny segment of the marketplace once they launch in 2017, Samsung is likely to benefit by understanding firsthand of how the smart phones users handle these displays in an actual world.

The technology may also help in the adoption as well as development of modular devices. LG’s G-5 unveiled in Feb at Mobile World Congress gave us an overview of what it could be like to switch-out elements on our smart-phones.

In the event modular smart phone devices go on to become a huge success, Samsung may well be in a perfect position to be able to develop & deliver displays to other smart phone companies.

No doubt, bendable smart phone devices will make way for some exciting applications once they hit the market place, however it just might not be one of those features which it is being touted as at present.

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