Go Pro Omni VR Camera is set to Sale Rig on August 17th

The VR headsets are now becoming more and more common and also recently there is been more demand for the VR content. Now this GoPro Omni Camera, are the VR-ready rig for the action enthusiasts.

Go Pro has declared that they are going to open up the sale of their six-camera styled “Omni” with virtual reality while the concern could start their pre-orders shipping in the month of August 17th. This Omni $5,000 setup comprises of six Hero 4 Black cameras, the shape of the camera is cube shape that has the metal housing and the software and hardware which is needed to film and stitches that 360-degree footage where that Omni could captures.


There has been a demo version of this Omni final production version that took place a few weeks before in the New York office of The Verge. And people who watched that show got really impressed that too especially considering the cost of it. However, the consumers think that the $5000 sounds much bigger whereas the troops of film production or people who want to get or shoot the high-end quality stunning video that too in a relatively reserved budget.

As said it is the cube-like range of six Hero4 Black cameras, which makes use of exclusive hardware to harmonize all six signals together in one. The cube is fashioned to stay lightweight and even more portable by having the size of 120mm x 120mm x 120mm. It also practices the GoPro Kolor software which will help in optimizing the color, decreasing the load in post-production as well as creating it a nearby plug and play resolution for the glorious 360º video.

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