Fizzics Beer Flavor Enhancer

All of us love beer and if you are planning to gift an exciting cool stuff to your dad, boyfriend or anybody else who just loves to drink beer, then this should be your choice of gift for them. Fizzics is one of those products that have the capability of transforming even a cheap beer into a high quality one, which is the exact specialty of the product. This incorporates one-of-a-kind technology, and as a matter of fact, this product is one of the first ever portable draft beer systems, which improves and enhances the flavor of any kind of beer that you may have. This will transform your can or bottle or beer growler into a fresh brewery quality beer, which you will love.

Fizzics is super lightweight and it can be carried along with you even when you are going outdoors for camping, adventure rides, etc. and there is no need for you to carry all your favorite beer with you since this product transforms all kinds of beers anywhere and anytime you want. The technology incorporated in this product is world class, and using this product, you will be able to improve the taste and flavor of any carbonated beer that you love. This is an innovative product, and the moment you present it to your dad on his birthday, you can definitely see a smile on his face, which should make your day, let alone his!

Fizzics product comes with a patent pending technology and you can expect great results for sure. People who have used it have given good ratings on the product. Fluid and gas technology incorporated in this product enhances the taste and flavor of different varieties of beers like Brown Ales, Porters, Lagers, IPAs, Pilsners, etc. You can use any type of can or bottle and even a 64oz growler. Fizzics is powered by 4 standard size AA batteries and this offers complete flexibility. One of the frustrating aspects of other beer flavor enhancers in the market is that they require Nitro or CO2 cartridges to function, but none of that is required in this case.

When you buy Fizzics, you are buying a perfect beer system and the product is a reliable one as well. It does not have any kind of replacement parts, hence maintenance is hassle free. Using the product is super easy. Simply place the beer can or bottle or growler inside the Fizzics canister and put the hose in the beer. After that you should close the canister and seal it accordingly. Place the jug near the spout and push the handle forward to fill beer and when you are ready for the foam, just push the handle back to top it off. Having a great head or foam is crucial for your beer to look appealing, be filled with aroma, stay creamy and smooth and most importantly it is needed to protect the flavor of your beer.

Buy this all-in-one Fizzics beer flavor enhancer just for $170 from Amazon. Check out more details about the product at Fizzics.

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